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Week Two

Walking Program

Whether therefore, ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of GOD.  1 Corinthians 10:31

How did week one go?  Did you enjoy walking a little outdoors?  We did, along with some much needed  yard work.  I'm looking forward to summer!  Week two adds a little more distance and one more day.

Walk 5 times this week:

  • Day One:  Walk 1 mile.
  • Day Two:  Walk 1 mile.
  • Day Three:  Walk 1 mile.
  • Day Four:  Walk 1 mile.
  • Day Five:  Walk 1 mile.

Ideas for computing your distance (5,280 feet equals 1 mile).

  • Wear a pedometer.
  • Calculate based on an average stride length of 2 1/2 feet.  One mile would take:
    • 70 steps per minute for 30 minutes     (2 MPH)
    • 105 steps per minute for 20 minutes   (3 MPH)
    • 140 steps per minute for 15 minutes   (4 MPH)
  • Standard football field:  1 lap is basically 1/4 mile.
  • Perimeter of standard gym:  13 laps is basically 1 mile.

Fitness Tip:  Proper posture is important when walking, putting less strain on your neck and back.  Stand tall and relax your shoulders, pull stomach in tight.

Weight Loss Tip:  Prevention says that adding two hour long brisk walks per week without dietary changes will result in a 10 pound loss in a year.  Just think of what will happen if a low fat diet is incorporated as well.

Devotional:   Ephesians 1 and Isaiah 26:3.  I have found that as I am walking it is easy to let my mind wander and worry, especially when walking alone.  To remedy this, I develop a plan ahead of time to stay focused on the LORD.  Below is how my walking/praying time starts out.

  • Praise GOD for who HE is:  Using the letters A to Z, praise HIM for HIS Character and Attributes.
  • Thank GOD for everyone:  Thank GOD for the people HE has brought into my life.  Naming them by name and what their individual gifts are as well as praying for their needs.
  • Thank GOD for everything:  Thank GOD for everything HE provides; what we tend to take for granted (health, water, food, home, transportation, safety, our country...).