Ozark Christian Living

Family Life & Homemaker's Guide

Week Nine

Walking Program

I can do all things through CHRIST which stengtheneth me.  Philippians 4:13

Are you enjoying these walks as much as I am!

For variety, schedule a family walk at a nearby park or a trip to the zoo!

The challenge this week is 3 miles per day with abdomen toning for 3 and Strength Exercises for the other 3.  Do your favorites, or try ours. 

Walk 6 times this week:

Fitness Tip:  Problems with insomnia?  Studies show that people who walk on a regular basis sleep better at night.

Weight Loss Tip:  Learn to reward yourself in nonfood ways. 

Devotional:  Thank GOD this week for HIS promises of Divine Guidance in all that we do if we will listen and obey.  Take time to list and thank HIM for the specific guidance HE has given during the week.  Proverbs 3:5-6

  • Pleasant paths:  Psalm 23:2
  • Making Decisions:  Psalm 25:9, 32:8
  • Never-ending:  Psalm 48:14
  • Wisdom:  Psalm 73:24
  • By still small voice:  Isaiah 30:21
  • Uncertain circumstances:  Isaiah 42:16, 48:17
  • Divine Light:  Luke 1:79, John 10:4
  • Into all Truth:  John 16:13