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Hospitality Corner

Use hospitality one to another without grudging.  1 Peter 4:9

Brighten the corner where you are:-)  Showing hospitality sends the message to others that they are important to you.  Ask GOD to open your eyes to the needs of others around you.  Below are some basic ways to show hospitality!

 Greetings for Visitors  

  • Greet your guests at the door with a smile.  Don't holler from another room, "Come on in"!
  • Those older than you  should be addressed by their formal name (Mr. or Mrs.).
  • Offer to take their coat and hat.
  • Offer them a seat, and let them be seated first.
  • Offer a refreshment (drink, cookies, etc..)
  • Don't immediately start talking about how busy you are, they will think they have bothered you.

Greetings for Family 

  • Take a few minutes to freshen hair and face before the anticipated arrival of your family home for the evening.
  • Stop what you are doing and greet your family when they come in the door with a smile.
  • Greet  your husband and take his coat, hat, brief case, etc.. offer him his favorite beverage.

Mealtime Basics 

  • Meal is announced when all of the food is prepared and the table is set.
  • Stand behind  your chair, until guests are seated.  If there are not guests, then at our house, Dad is the guest of honor, after he is seated,  then eldest to youngest, and hostess last, using the left of the chair (rising from the same side).
  • When food is passed, the guests are first (or Dad), then food is passed to the right.
  • Never reach in front of a person.
  • Place napkin, neatly folded, on  your lap.
  • Begin eating after the hostess begins.
  • Speak in low tones and never with food in your mouth.
  • Participate in the conversation, but don't monopolize it.
  • Never reach in front of other people.
  • Never complain about the food or any part of the meal.  If you don't like something, just keep it to yourself.
  • As hostess, keep an eye out for refills, or designate this to an older daughter ahead of time.

General Awareness of Others Needs

  • Provide meals for families that have incurred illness, recovery time from surgery, etc...
  • Provide transportation to church, child care, or run errands for families with special needs.
  • Provide home baked goodies for traveling missionaries, elderly, disabled, shut-in, or those that don't have family and friends nearby.
  • Provide light sewing or mending for those who have the need but not the time or wherewithal to keep up for the season of life they are in.




Home Remedies 

Read about the simple home remedies our family and friends use for pampering ourselves a-little.  Basil is not just for sauces ... read about the benefits as a tea.