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The Gladiators of GOD

October 28

                  “That HE would grant you ... to be strengthened with might by HIS SPIRIT in the inner man"  Ephesians 3:16

"The offer we bring ... comes not under the white flag of truce"


Even a cursory reading of either Testament, will affirm that the work of Heaven's righteousness here on Earth, has always been a fight.  The gladiators of GOD have not necessarily been what you would expect though.  There was Enoch, a quiet man who walked with GOD so closely, that one day the LORD just kept him rather than sending him home.  Moses was so meek and introvert, that he attempted on more than one occasion to flee AWOL from the fight.  It took GOD several days to convince Gideon to represent HIM in the battle against the Midianites.  Three in-descript Hebrew teenagers stupefied the world superpower of their day, over their willingness to die for the faith.  Jeremiah was a weepy faced preacher, called to call out wicked kings during Israel's darkest days.  Amos, the famous Old Testament prophet, was a fig farmer when the LORD found him.  Matthew was working for the IRS of his day, when he became enrolled in the Apostleship corp.  Peter was a foul mouthed fisherman, Thomas a naysayer, while James and John earned the: Sons of Thunder, nickname for their impetuous tempers.  John Mark was a coward, turned Gospel writer, Barnabas, the tender son of encouragement, and no less than Paul, was designated as the chief of sinners by the same SPIRIT who used him and his comrades to turn the world of their day upside down.  Deborah got in the gap when the spineless men of her day refused to lead.  Ruth helped preserve the MESSIANIC line against all orthodox thought and precept.  Esther took the mantle of her condemned people in order to stave off their annihilation.  Mary stood courageous amidst the jeering self righteous who thought her a prostitute.  Then there was our LORD JESUS, WHO like a silent lamb to the slaughter, won the war in HIS death once and for all.

The war we fight now is not to sweep righteousness in on a grand scale; but rather to bring it to bear one soul at a time.  We are commissioned to go and preach the gospel to a world, born blind and dumb to the fact that there even is a war.  In fulfilling the fight, we must deny all conventional stratagem, tactic, and weaponry.  The offer we bring to the enemies of GOD, comes not under the white flag of truce, but under the red banner of HIS bloody cross of peace.            

"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through GOD ..."

For Love of Country
John Knox  (1505-1572)
(leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland)
"A man with GOD is always in the majority."

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