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March 27

  “ And Jabez called on the GOD of Israel, saying, Oh that THOU wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, ..."  1 Chronicles 4:10


"... we have gone inland, forgetting their sacrifice."






Good ol' fashioned spiritual ambition is a virtue on the decline in the contemporary Church.  'Hitting the beaches' ... rarely holds the same connotation among believers today, as it held for JESUS or Paul (cf. Acts 26:20).  The blessing of GOD, however, is not thrown into a vacuum, it comes gift wrapped in responsibility.  Coasts are vulnerable to hurricanes and inviting to invasion; thus an enlarged coast equates to greater diligence on our part.  More coast can mean more influence for GOD; but a bigger footprint for HIM demands HIS blessing.  "THOU hast enlarged my steps under me; so that my feet did not slip."

Are you 'coasting' as a Christian?  Unlike Jabez, many today are, and have a political prayer life to prove it.  Numbers of religious individuals praying to coast rather than praying for more coast.  Don't think those semantics clever, they are Satanic.  The sinful entitlement mindset of our secular counterparts has crept into the Christian's prayer closet, ordering up: 'one double blessing burger please, hold the coast.'  Yes, sadly, we're eager to take the bless and yet shun the stress of an enlarged coast for CHRIST.  The psalmist, though, rightly understood the principle of Biblical enlargement; and the circular relationship of bless and distress: "I will run the way of THY commandments, when THOU shalt enlarge my heart ... The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring THOU me out of my distresses."

"... And GOD granted him that which he requested."  Jabez seized his day for GOD'S glory.  Why do we not despair of heart as we view the mighty beachheads of grace and courage, won in the prayer wars of our Christian forefathers, erode away in sin?  They fought and died for the coast of truth and blessing and we have gone inland, forgetting their sacrifice.  Pray the LORD raise up a revival of coast seekers before it is too late. "And if the LORD thy GOD enlarge thy coast ..."; be a faithful 'Coastbuster' for HIM!

"And they began to pray HIM to depart out of their coasts."

For Love of Country
James Kent (1763-1847)
(New York Supreme Court Chief Justice)
"We are a Christian people, and the morality of the country deeply engrafted upon Christianity, and not upon the doctrines or worship of those imposters [other religions] ..."

(The People v. Ruggles, 1811)

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