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The Great Divide

August 28

"So there was division among the people because of HIM"   John 7:43

"… ecumenism has succeeded in mitigating the division; but with it has gone the saving effect ..."


Truth knows no equilibrium in the midst of a false world.  It is in constant flux, abrasive, and given of GOD with the deliberate intent to stir us up.  … these that have turned the world upside down are come hither also”.  Even a cursory reading of the New Testament reveals that JESUS made many more enemies, than HE ever did friends during HIS brief public ministry.  Find a ruckus anywhere in the Gospels or Epistles, and nearby you’ll find the SAVIOR or HIS ambassadors.  This sort of sanctified commotion is largely absent from the modern Christian movement which seeks so desperately to be ‘user friendly’.  The grand ecumenical experiment, prevalent among our churches today, is producing smooth seas, but tragic navigation.  In their effort to neutralize the offense inherent to the gospel, ecumenism has succeeded in mitigating the division; but with it has gone the saving effect inherent to the offence.  Gospel means: ‘Good News’; but for that to be tenable, there must be some corresponding bad news.  Gloss over the latter, and the former is moot at best.  GOD has not called us to get along, but to get up and go … to take the gospel to a globe full of GOD haters who’ll overwhelmingly hate us for it.  Oh, but only if HE had ended it all in Eden, and turned out the lights on humanity.  Must HE always meddle with men?  Can’t HE just leave us alone in our sin to sort things out, and hope for the best?  Yes, and Yes! ... but with the direst of eternal consequence!   

One day, there will be perfect harmony in two venues, when the haves and have nots of salvation forever part.  Here, however, on this side of the ‘Great Divide’, its pseudo form exists only in the lab of the compromiser(s).  Divide and conquer … in the love of CHRIST, is a Biblical mandate. 

“Then said JESUS to them again, peace be unto you: as MY FATHER hath sent ME, even so send I you.”

For Love of Country
 Galileo Galilei  (1564-1642)
(Italian astronomer)
"I send you a rose ... And with the rose you must accept its thorns, which represent the bitter suffering of our LORD, while the green leaves represent the hope we may entertain, that through the same sacred passion we, having passed through the darkness of this short winter of our mortal life, may attain to the brightness and felicity of an eternal spring in Heaven."

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