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HE Who Laughs ...

April 4

  "... a time to laugh ..."  Ecclesiastes 3:4



"... our mirth, in large part, has overdosed to mock."






Among GOD'S people, there is a deep lack of spiritual sobriety and an unhealthy giddiness which stems from our merry inebriation.  Though the Bible does tell us that a “merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, our mirth, in large part, has overdosed to mock.  We have conditioned ourselves to laugh at almost everything, including sin; and  generally speaking, we have ceased from the command to “Be sober, be vigilant”.  Victory and vigilance have given way to the vice of frivolity!  This lightheartedness tramples under foot the blood of CHRIST; and has proven to be one of the most time tested and effective tools of Satan.  

Exacerbating our slide in this area is modern technology's power to desensitize us to sin and its consequences.  GOD, HIS Word, HIS order for the family, and HIS Commandments for society are all openly derided as archaic through almost every media outlet.  Righteousness or any semblance of the fear of GOD is belittled and scoffed at.  JESUS, and those of us who call HIM LORD, are the butt of humanity’s humor and the rage of their intolerance.  Bible Christianity is the laughingstock of our day (and in some cases justified). To the world it is laughable, yet to me tragic, as I view institutions with crosses on the steeple, sanctioning everything from gambling to sodomy.  To liberal, lost, pseudo Christianity, this unsanctified merriment is standard fare; but for genuine born again Bible believers to acquiesce, even in jest, smacks of a ‘can’t beat-um, join-um’ mentality … and in the process Christian credibility vanishes like our victory!  Comforting though, is the assurance that GOD will have the last laugh and turn their derision back upon them: "HE that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision ... I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;"

With all the emotions our LORD displayed, is it significant that the gospels mention that: "JESUS wept"; but never once record our SAVIOR as laughing?  Prophesying of the crucifixion of CHRIST, the Psalmist writes: "All they that see ME laugh ME to scorn: ..."  May the LORD help all of us to think long and hard about the cross and ask ourselves: 'what is so funny about sin'?  JESUS' statement, as recorded by Luke from the Sermon on the Mount; provide some sobering words of commentary on our devotional text for today:

"Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh ... Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep."

For Love of Country
Andrew Johnson (1808-1875)
(Lincoln's Vice President; 17th President of the United States)
"Let us look forward to the time when we can take the flag of our country and nail it below the Cross, and there let it wave as it waved in the olden times, and let us gather around it and inscribe for our motto: "Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever," and exclaim, CHRIST first, our country next!"

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