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Welcome home to the Ozarks ...

Our family website was created with the vision to bless other families.

Here can be found helpful tips for caring for your home, including cleaning schedules, organizing tips, budget friendly recipes with featured recipes and a garden calendar with pictures from our area.

We have many good friends that are missionaries and we are very thankful for them and others that have yielded themselves to serve on the mission field.  Visit us each week as we feature a missionary family who would welcome your prayers alongside ours during the week.

Face to Face with GOD is a thought provoking daily devotional.  Please take a few moments also and visit the Character and Revival pages.  All three have helped our family to grow spiritually.

Today's Devotion 

Thoughtless Living

"... will necessitate replacing 'gain' with loss"


 Hope For Revival:  Evangelist Joseph Moore

Preaching hope for revival in HIS church!

Tick Rock Woodworks

Handmade Potpourri DispensersThese fancy potpourri dispensers are available in a variety of woods to match any decor ... click to view many more quality handmade wooden treasures that are available.

Patriotic BarnThe Love of Country ... Stirring quotes of famous patriots.

All quotations taken from:  America's GOD and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations

by William J. Federer




January Health Habit:

Fruits & VegegtablesEat 6+ servings of fruits and vegetables  ...